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Congratulation, Master Blaster Juniors finished their season 2010 with the top position.

Master Blaster Juniors 2010 Stats

  • Master Blaster 1 Bating AvgMaster Blaster 1 Bowling AvgMaster Blaster 2 Batting AvgMaster Blaster 2 Bowling Avg
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    2010-02-24 Sachin creates history

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    Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar became the first batsman ever to score 200 runs in the history of the 50-over game. As Sachin broke the record of the highest One-Day International score of 194 runs held jointly by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry during his knock of 46th ODI hundred.

    Master Blaster Juniors 2009 Stats

  • Master Blaster 1 Bating AvgMaster Blaster 1 Bowling AvgMaster Blaster 2 Batting AvgMaster Blaster 2 Bowling Avg
  • 2009-06-18 Ivneet Bains - Master Blasters CC

    Ivneet Bains, a junior player, came with his parents to Canada from Chandigargh in 2007 and immediately began playing cricket with Master Blasters CC. Under the watchful eye of his captain/manager, Anil Khanna, his cricketing skills have improved tremendously in a very short time. During this season he has been 'borrowed' by such clubs as Shaughnessy, Cloverdale and Fraser Valley and has consistently contributed in no small measure to their success. His scores include 130, 116 n.o. 84 and 55. His talents are not limited to the cricket field alone. Amongst other achievements, he was recently honoured by the Indo-Canadian Business Association as the 'overall winner' from a group of 19 students; he has been awarded one of two TEAL scholarships for ESL students in BC who have excelled in academics and extra-curricular activities from the David C. Lam Foundation, and has also received a 2009 Millenium Excellence Award, Surrey Youth Recognition Award and the President'?s entrance scholarship from UBC where he will be furthering his studies this year.

    Game at Burnaby Museum

    The Metro Vancouver Cricket League was invited to send a group of players to play a game on the Burnaby Village Museum grounds on May 30, 2009, where sports within the community were being highlighted and promoted. The Master Blasters consisting of junior players represented the League. Visitors to the Museum enjoyed watching the juniors in action and appreciated their ability to explain the complexities of the game, following which some of them tried their hand at batting and bowling with fair success. Our youngsters were a happy bunch at the end of the day and enjoyed the hospitality of the Burnaby Village Museum staff which included lunch, rides on the carousel and tickets to the Museum

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    MVCL Junior Program - Master Blaster Blast Off

    The MVCL Junior program has started with Master Blaster CC juniors getting off to a flying start this season. While they lost the first game by just two runs, their determination and will to improve saw them winning the next two convincingly. Many of the players were between the ages of 10 and 12 years. While all of them are to be commended, special congratulations are in order to Inveet Bains 116 n.o. and Gurwinder Sidhu (84) for their outstanding performances.

    India announce U-19 squad for Australia

    The BCCI's junior selection committee announced an Under-19 squad to tour Australia for three one-dayers and two tests next month. Rajasthan's Ashok Maneria will captain the 16-man squad. The sides will play two one-day matches in Hobart on April 7 and April 9 before meeting for the first Test at the same venue between April 11 and 13. Then they will head to Perth for the third one-dayer on April 17 followed by the second test from April 19 to 21. India Under-19 squad: Ashok Maneria, (capt) Harpreet Singh, Mukul Dagar, Mayhank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Mandeep Singh, Manan Sharma, Mahboob Sufiyan (wk), Avi Barath, Saurav Netravalkar, Harshal Patel, Krishna Das, Jaidev Unadkad, Gagandeep Singh, Gaurav Jathar, Kundan Singh

    Cricket Balls - Sponsor Opportunity

    The MVCL Management Committee has agreed to open up a sponsorship opportunity to our members. For the 2009 season we can offer to have your logo or promotional message stamped on one side of each cricket ball used. We already have an offer of $1000.00 and will accept the highest bid. Please be aware that the amount of space available on the ball is limited and the Management Committee reserves the right to reject any submission that it deems to be offensive or controversial. The current highest bid will be posted on our web site at regular intervals. If you or one of your business associates are interested please contact the League Secretary before March 15, 2009.

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    Over 40's Finals

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    can a hysterectomy cause anterior pelvic tilt The finals of the Over 40s tournament which was held at Upper Brockton on Wednesday, August 6, 2008, turned out to be an excellent evening of cricket. Over 300 runs were scored in an outstanding exhibition of entertaining and well played cricket between Ron Clauzel XI and Anil Khanna XI. The winners will play in the Inter-City Over 40s match against Victoria in late August. R. Clauzel XI: 160 for 6 wkts Pereira 32 n.o., Mann 31 n.o., Pitamber 29, Gilani 23. Anura 2 for 4; Guru 2 for 24. A. Khanna XI: 142 for 9 wkts Anura 41 n.o., Naideep 28, Hiran 21. Mann 3 for 24; Melder 2 for 9; Saqib 2 for 24. Thanks to John Hooker and Lloyd Edwards for umpiring the match and to all those who took part in making this a very successful finale to an enjoyable Over 40s season. Last but not least, many thanks to Cliff Cox for his interest and dedication in running the tournament for so many years.

    Juniors and batting helmets

    The League recently received an umpire's report indicating that a junior player was not wearing a helmet when coming out to bat. The junior player was supported by his captain on the day. The umpire in question appeared to be unsure how to proceed and further appeared to believe that the only thing he could do in this circumstance was to report the matter. Local cricket implemented the mandatory use of helmets for juniors following the tragic death of Greg Hobson. The use of helmets by juniors while batting and while fielding in close catching positions is not open to debate or interpretation. The League's position in this matter is that the refusal of a junior to wear a helmet constitutes an exceptional safety issue. Under the Laws of Cricket the umpire is entitled to suspend play until the exceptional circumstance is resolved and that is exactly what we expect all umpires will do. The only resolution of the exceptional circumstance is when the player in question agrees to wear a helment or another batsman is sent in to bat.

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    Junior Cricket Camp

    Kevin Sandher, Canadian representative and World cup player and Karl Whatham, Australian First grade player and Meraloma head coach will hold a Junior development Cricket Camp from Tuesday August 26th - Friday August 29th. The camp will involve one on one technical coaching, squad practice in nets and centre wicket, games and general cricket related fun. Karl and Kevin both have extensive cricket experience through coaching and playing at high levels in Australia, Canada and The UK. This camp promises to be fun, educational and beneficial to juniors of all levels. Where: Connaught Park When: Tuesday August 26th - Friday August 29 Price: Register before August 15 - $100. After August 15 - $125. Family Discounts will apply. 40 spots only so please register early to avoid disappointment. Registrations forms can be obtained by calling or emailing : Kevin - 604 897 9418 or email at ksandher@yahoo.com Karl - 778 858 5758 or email at karlwhatham@yahoo.com

    Cricket's Comeback

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    History records 1867 not only as the time of Confederation but also the year cricket became our national sport. Sir John A. Macdonald, a visionary on matters both political and sporting, saw the future for the game of googlies and wickets born of the British Empire. Later generations of Canadians left cricket in the dust, seduced by North American passions for baseball, football and hockey; yet Sir John A. was clearly ahead of his time. Last month, the federal government granted formal recognition to cricket once again. To be sure, it will no longer be the sole national sport – merely one among many, with hockey and lacrosse now the undisputed winter and summer national sports, thanks to a 1994 Act of Parliament. But the decision at least clears the way for direct funding – a welcome, if belated, recognition that new waves of immigration from South Asia and the Caribbean, not to mention Australia, Britain and South Africa, have broadened the appeal of cricket far beyond its roots in empire. About 150 schools in the GTA now play cricket, and the Mayor's Youth Team, composed of 12 Toronto-area students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, will fly to England this summer for a series of matches bankrolled by local donors. Federal funding for Cricket Canada, the recognized sporting body, will begin modestly – some $77,000 for the current season – and can't compare with the $1 million windfall memorably doled out by Queen's Park in 2006 to the Ontario Cricket Association. But that was politics, to put it mildly, and Ottawa's announcement seems more focused on sports, as it should be.

    Canadian cricket wins recognition from Ottawa

    Propelled by the avid enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of recent immigrants, cricket has finally come of age in Canada — about 150 years after it was once regarded as the country’s national sport. The federal government announced today it was officially recognizing the sport, elevating its formal stature and making it eligible for much needed public funding. “It’s a tremendous day for cricket,” said Ben Sennik, president of Cricket Canada, the umbrella organization that speaks for the sport and is responsible for the Canadian national team. The recognition, which follows a decade of lobbying, means an immediate grant of $77,000 for 2007-2008. While it’s a modest sum, Sennik could barely contain his delight. “We need every dollar, the way we are developing,” he said. ``In the past, we have been scraping through.” Canada is no stranger to cricket, with reports of games played here as far back as the mid-18th century. The country’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, declared it Canada’s national sport in 1867 and Cricket Canada itself was established in 1892. However, the game was quickly overtaken by baseball in importance. In recent years, interest has risen to a new level with the influx of immigrants from cricket-crazy areas such as Pakistan, India and the Caribbean, as well as from other Commonwealth countries such as Australia, South Africa and the U.K. A happy Toronto taxi driver, Ahmad Choudhuri, began pontificating about Canada’s place in the cricket world immediately after hearing about Ottawa’s decision. “They have a lot of good players over here,” said Choudhuri, who played the “gentleman’s game” as a boy in India. “If they want, they can have a really good team. If they get funding, they can get a very good team.” About 40,000 people in Canada are registered as cricket players with their provincial associations — the best of them barely qualifying even as semi-professionals. As many as 50,000 others are estimated to play regularly and schools are increasingly getting in on the game as well. Secretary of State for Sport Helena Guergis welcomed cricket to the Sport Canada fold. “It is an exciting day for cricketers for Cricket Canada as a national sports organization to have the opportunity to be recognized by the federal government,” Guergis said. Cricket Canada used the opportunity to show off the national team’s natty new uniform — grey with a red stripe on the sides of the shirt and pants, with a splash of yellow on the sleeves. National teams from Scotland, Ireland and Bermuda, along with international powerhouse, the West Indies, are all due to visit for games this summer.

    MVCL Junior Program

    The MVCL Junior program continues to grow with many newcomers joining the program. Sincere thanks to the parents for their support in regularly bringing out the youngsters to games and practices and for their assistance in other ways as well

    Master Blaster Juniors 1 won MVCL Junior Six-A-Side

    Master Blaster Team 1: Sunny Malhi, Harankit Hundal, Meharans Hundal, Robby Kang, Adeeb Shuma, Yash Pachchigar, Jogpal Dilgir, Hemant Manju, Karn Josan

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    Master Blaster Team 2: Wasif Husain, Aditya Chhabra, Anmol Jawandha, Tirth Bhatt, Umar Chaudhry, Usman Chaudhry, Herinder Brar, Arjun Korpal

    Winner- Master Blasters Juniors I Runner Up- MVCL Juniors Consolation Winner- Ismaili Juniors

    Master Blaster Blast Off

    The Master Blasters CC lived up to their name and blasted off in their first game of the season, defeating Arbutus II on the weekend. The outstanding performances of their junior players led to this win, particularly that of Meherans Hundal, who took five wickets for eleven runs and scored 16 not out. Not bad for a kid just 13 years of age. Other juniors who performed well were Yash Pachchigar (13 years), Karn Josan (12 years), Harankit Hundal (14 years), Hemant Manju (11 years) and Jogpal Dilgir (14 years). In spite of being exposed to the game for a comparatively short time these juniors appear to have the talent and determination to go far in our game of cricket.

    Master Blaster Juniors Cricket Club

    Loction:Unwin park 68/133 St. Surrey

    Sullivan Heights 72/144 St. Surrey

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